Partnership is the key of sccess

By Lida Loem, Professional Fellow in Economic Empowerment Exchange Program

After finished two weeks fellowship with Montana’s department of commerce, I had chanced to learn a lot from different people from different programs in the commerce, director of MBAC organization, director YWCA organization, and other organizations and business owners. I gained a lot of knowledge thought their personal and professional working experience.

The key thing that leads them to success in their programs is partnership. All the programs in the department of commerce would not be success if they don’t partnership with local government, non-profit organization, and company. In the other side of business owner or none profit organization would not success also if they don’t have support from government. To make a great PARTNERSHIP, they need to build a lot TRUST by understanding what is the priorities need of their community, what are the most things that their community cares about. They had learnt a lot from each other programs and they seek support from each other in order to achieve their common goals. They keep continuing communication to maintain their relation, supporting each other and create a strong community.

Regarding to this experience, I think I need to work more with my stakeholder to build strong network and partner by create chance to meet each other more to share what everyone had been done and what should we help each other. I think we not just talk but we put in to action plan together in order to achieve our vision.

I would love to say many thanks to Ms. Pamela Haxby-Cote for great advise and created opportunities for me to meet a lot of great leaders. The messages that I really love from Ms. Pam are:

“Start small, believe on what you do”

“Conversation cost nothing but it lead you to result”

“See problem as opportunities”

All those messages are encourage me a lot and change the way i think. I can see more opportunities and the world of possibilities.

Lastly, I would love to say many thanks to my host family Cheri Long, Dan, and Levi for warm welcoming, teaching me your culture, shooting lesson, the adventure trip, your food, and ice-cream. You always made me feel home and be a part of your family. I can say you are the best host family ever.


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