Professional Fellows Program

Civil Society Development

On Monday the 8th of May at exactly 8:30AM, it was the time that this gentleman that his name is Matt who works as the Education Director at MCT who came and picked us up at the Comfort Inn to send us to the new office at MCT and to our home stay at Jonh and Kathy’s house that where my expectations started to go beyond.

I will start with the MCT first and I am going to talk about my first impression. MCT is a place where as a Cambodian like me could not imagine of the work that they do with community and how MCT and people do everything just for the benefit of the community. I so impressed with the way that everyone can be an artist and everyone can get involved and could become a professional performer or actor if they want to be by volunteering for the community theater and I could see their spirit and energy whenever they are on the stage performing. I could see how much their audiences enjoy and value the arts.

In addition to this, what I am so passionate about the adaptive performance where they try to create new creative idea to shorten and adapt the performance of the same story that shown to the public to the children with autism spectrum. It is just a wonderful idea to prove that arts is used to transform the community and it is used for reconciliation. It is proves that in arts every body counts.

Moreover, I also got a chance to see the students in the middle school with the autism spectrum performed at their schools and they had done a pretty good job. I could see that the students are more outgoing and happy with they are doing. It is such a great work of MCT to make this happened. With all these works and efforts, we can show that we have to see the ability not disability. They can do whatever we can do, so just put them in the account.

Now coming back to my best and unique experience with my host family Jonh and Kathy whom I considered as my parent already here in the United States. It is indescribable of how nice they are. Having the opportunity to stay with them, I don’t only feel warm as being at home but also I could learn a lot from that I never knew before that I could share to the people in my country.

The most interesting is that they are so open and understandable about our context. They provide us a lot of useful information and cultural differences, delicious food and very comfortable accommodation with the cared and friendly environment and I don’t know much I am going to miss them yet when I have to leave them on Tuesday the 23rd May. Now I feel time flies so fast already. I will also miss the people at the church that I always go to have breakfast with them on Wednesday morning. They are just so nice and friendly and they cook the very delicious food.

In conclusion, I feel that this program really provides and helps me a lot not only the knowledge that I can practice at my home country but also the real test of life as the family and friend that this really helps us all to understand each other a lot and to make the world to become small and peaceful place to live. It is not the end, but it is the beginning of friendship, collaboration and understanding between me and the people and the government of United States and the United States with the people of Cambodia.





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