Bouavanh’s Secound Blog

Bouavanh Manichan, Professional Fellows Program in University of Montana

Well in general I had learnt a lots of new things from this YSEALI Program, I spent the time with my host family ( home stay ) and my host fellowship and I am so much enjoying with them, they are so kind to me, they made me feel as my home and I would to take this opportunity to thank you so much to Jen Euell who is my host organization ( Women’s Foundation of Montana) she is very nice person and awesome woman, she works so hard, but she tried to organize everything for us to learn new things with other people , she made a detail schedule, made appointment with the relevant organization and took us to see them and meet with them and took as go a long with her, we went to Helena for Women’s Foundation of Montana, Powerhouse, Women’s Economic empowerment meeting and I was so appreciated on that, and we met who is working on human rights and policy maker in Helena.

I was very appreciated that I have a chance to attend meeting with partners in creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programming for girls from across the stated in Great falls, I was very interesting on they have high level of collaboration among educator and programs engaging girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ( STEM) increases the efficiency and effectiveness and overall capacity of programs and therefore increases opportunity and improves experience for girls in STEM and I was so interesting that they have shadow who is following up on student’s dream, take them to see the career of they would like to be when they grow up, ask them, maybe they might change their dream and focus on what they would to do when they grow up.

I was interesting to see Monday Mentor: GRIT (Girls Representing In Trades) this GRIT aims to engage, educate and empower girls to explore trade and skills based work as attainable and feasible careers. Use skills trades to help girls identify strength and develop their confidence and leadership skills. Connect young girls with positive mentors in trade based fields. Connect adult women in the trades with one another and create a supportive network and challenge stereotype and catalyze in the trades cultures.

And we had limited time to discussed with fundraising organization and we got the website of funder for Asia country and she gave recommendation on how apply, relationship and follow the guideline of funder, so I am interesting to try apply a fund from donor to help remote ethnic women in the future.

And my highlight appreciated it was leadership skills session by keren MCNENNY, I will bring this technical and some of tools for Women’s group leadership skills training in my organization

I had learned more about American culture and life style with my host family totally different from my home or my community.

And thank you so much to Amy Esp who is my host family for organized and provided everything for us and I am so grateful for your kindness. I really appreciated to be here as your family member.

And especially Thank you so much to Kelsey who is hard working on this program, I am so much grateful for your kind concern, supporting and leading for us. She is very great job, I am very appreciated on that.

Thank you

Bouavanh Manichan | CARE International in Lao PDR | Local Health and Gender Advisor



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