Give Back: Create new society

BY: Rohanee, Sothern Thailand

A few days ago (May 17, 2017) The explosion occurred at Big C Supercenter in Pattani, deep south of Thailand. There were more than 60 people were confirmed injured. I saw in the clip from one of the person whose took the video in the situation, she was handing in hand her son whose was crying !!

As a mother, I feel terrible and suddenly I was crying, because of the situation didn’t same the other time because there were a lot of people were injured and most of them are women and some of them are children. So, many CSOs in my area raised their voices by writing the statement to blame doer which should take responsible with this situation but until now no one have appeared and accepted it. And I hope that many people will have more awareness and realize what happen in their place, at least we start to help each other either relatives or friends who got suffering.

By the way, this situation occurred during I have been in Montana state, northern of United State. Which I have been learning about the Civic Engagement in Montana under YSEALI program.

I was surprised that people in Montana are very active and care their society, especially they have Give Back culture which supports non-profit organizations (Civil Society Organizations-CSOs) by giving money or being a volunteer. So many people able to struggle for peace and stand for people. Actually, the way they do isn’t difficult but creative ways. For example, Garage Sale which they collect the thing from donation and sell for getting some money to support non-profit group, Fundraising which is happening in my country but most of us only support for the religious way which similar with Montana but the representative of the churches they support and contribute non-profit organizations as well.

I never forget the word of one man who spoke in fundraising meeting at Imagination store in Missoula, the capital city of Montana, he said that “ I love Montana” while his tears are flowing down on his face and he couldn’t speak more but try to speak again “Just go ahead…”.

However, I know that we also have to consider the context in each place, but donation or Zakat is the principle of Islam which encourage Muslims to practice, so Erin Steele one of speaker in term of our class said that “ It is not important that how much do you have money but we have to share and give back to the society because of everyone couldn’t stay without others, it is mean that all of us depend on others, If we don’t have farmers we could not survive.

Indeed, conflict and violence situation in the deep south of Thailand or conflict in the world are connected. So, if we ignore and don’t do anything it will be more terrible. Hence, as a people should take responsible for the community not only survive for ourselves because we globalize.

Again! Give back to take responsibility to society even though they are your enemy because our life will either good or bad is depend on everyone.


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