Relationship between State Government and Eight Tribes of Montana

By Lida Loem

It is a 12 days of my professional fellowship. On 8th May, me and other two friends had leaved from Missoul to Helena that is the capital city of Montana State for our fellowship with our host organization. We is very honer to host by Ms. Pamela Haxby-Cote. She is the director of the Montana Department of Commerce. She is strong Lady and inspiring.

Today 9th May, we was with Ms. Pam for the whole day for attending and observing two special meeting, one was State Tribal Economic Development Commission meeting and other was discussed about issues and concerns of Northern Cheyenne tribal Council with Montana’s governor Steve Bullock. My high light points of those observations meeting was about the relationship between state government and tribes. They are eight tribes in Montana such as Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead, Fort Belknap, Fort Peck, Northern Cheyenne, Rocky Boy’s, and Little Sheell tribe.

Regarding to these observation and their partnership report 2016 shown that they have very good relationship between state government and the eight tribal governments in Montana because they have very good cooperation and collaboration and it made a great achievement. The state governor Steve Bullock gave fund for many programs related to health care, education, economic development, natural resource management, and revitalization of Indian language. As a result, many American Indian accessing to health care, education, learning about their language, creating more jobs and businesses, and etc.

My opinion, I would love to mention three points that i have learned from them in order to have good cooperation and collaboration. First point is open communication. The governor Bullock is open door for tribe’s leaders to addressing issue of mutual concern in any areas. Governor always set up regular meeting that allow all tribe’s leader to discuss about their concern and issue that face. The second point is they listen and respect each other that allow them to understand deeply what is the problem and fix problem effectively. The third point is taking action, they do not just meet and talk but they take action together to fix those issue. I think it takes time but I believe that if they keep good cooperation and collaboration like this they will achieve great more achievements and peace for their people.

The Governor Steve Bullock is inspired me a lot to be a great leader. He listen care fully to people around him to get deeply understanding, friendly, and humble.

Lastly, Thanks so much to The State Department and University of Montana that bring me to meet all those great leaders. Excited for learning and meeting other great people for other three weeks of this fellowship.


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