Public to the Public

By: Athidxay Bouandaoheuang"Ding"@Laos
It is almost 2 weeks now that I’m being in Missoula, Montana, USA. I have met a lot of people and I have giant a lot of things, today I am going to tell about 2 things that I really like it and why?

My host organization is "Roxy Theater". they are doing a great work with community and schools.

First, They have organized International WildLife Film Festival and Montana Film Festival that many people love to came for their film program. what I get from here are if you want to have a success you should good communication (talk to the people, get them involved with your activities) making them important for your festival.

Second is Education Program "Roxy Film Academy"
it is very similar with I’m doing in Laos. they are working with schools bass on the main curriculum and try to teach by using Film as a learning tool for the student. it is fun, know about film production skill. what is different here is the teacher in the schools are really open for the student to try out and make it happen. I have seen many teachers took their students came to the teacher to practicing the acting, stage setting, filming. that’s mean if Teacher is a door if the teachers just said "NO" then I cannot imagine what the student can do.

that are only a few things that I would share with you here. tomorrow I will continue my learning with Roxy about how they are running the Tether (management system and Fundraising). I will be sharing here in next time.
thank you for keep reading my experaince.


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