May Day in Missoula, Montana, United State

By: Lily

On May 1st 2017, as the first day of workshop or orientation to U.S. culture and communication, Deena has given the workshop for us about Homestay and Kelsey has given a guideline for us about professional video and Ms. Erin Steele, the director of Development & Marketing United Way of Missoula, about the technical of the western communication and lastly American Cultural Value by Dr. Tobin Shearer, Associated Professor of History, UM. After we finished the orientation today, another fellow and I who have the same American fellowship partner went to the Caras Park for learning from the Justice for Immigrants Action activity for May Day.

May Day or Labor Day of many countries such as Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia and also United States, particularly in Europe, in my country Thailand, we usually do the campaign or event for promote and strengthen the rights of workers, including migrant workers every year. And this year is a special year for me to have a chance to celebrate and have May Day experience in Montana, United State to see and join with the volunteer in Missoula to do some campaign about immigration. In U.S. people do not celebrate and think as a holiday on this day as much. In Missoula there is a volunteer and nonprofit organization for developing society, had grouping for doing the campaign and give some massage to the society, to have concern and awareness about the rights of the immigrant and refugee after the new policy. The migrant working in Missoula mostly come from Iraq, Iran and some are Vietnamese refugees. The volunteers used social media to publicize this activity around Missoula and every participants came on time and were very active. They wanted to spread the massage and the voice for migrant workers and refugees. I have not met the migrant workers in Missoula yet but we have a chance to meet one Vietnamese family that came as immigrates to U.S. since 1975.

I was thinking about my work place and migrant workers from Myanmar and Refugees from Myanmar in this day. The technical advices that Ms. Erin gave us today, I think it is very useful that I can apply to my working community back in Thailand in topic particularly about the persuasion of some audience groups such as employers to concern about rights of migrant workers.

Raweeporn Dokmai (Lily)

Maesot Labor Law Clinic
Human Rights and Development Foundation



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