Professional Fellows Program

Civil Society Development

It has been a long way from home coming to the United States with the excitement of being selected as one of the fellows. I had the expectation about the program and what I experience here is even gone beyond my expectation. I am not going to write only the activity of the days, but I am going to talk about my feeling personally to tell everyone of you.

First of all, it is about the overall arrangement of the program. It is so organized about everything and the communication is so clear and helpful that I feel so warm and it is something that I have learned already from the program. So I can feel that it is not the program for itself that opens for the people from Asia just like me coming to the United Sates, but the relevant people who work for the program also really open and accept me to learn new thing here.

Second, now it is about arriving the United States and what I really learned and feel so inspired from all the activities that I have experienced a few days ago. The first day orientation went so well and we talked with the very open Q and A and what I can feel the most is that Kelsey and Deena care about us so much that I can say that they considered us as part of their families already. Plus, we really had a great lunch at Deena house where some of us got a chance to meet with people from our host organizations. In addition to this, it came to the next day where we were invited to have dinner at Shu Shu’s house where we got a chance to taste the very delicious Asean food which we were so happy about that, but it is not end yet, the most delicious food of that evening was the story telling of her family’s life that this taught us very much not only the leadership skill about everything that her family has been though. It is a blessing to taste so many different foods like these!

Last but not least, I am so grateful for the US Embassy in Phnom Penh and the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia for helping and making everything possible as part of the program. On top of this, I am in the very deep appreciation of the Maureen & Mike Mansfield Center, Kelsey Stamm Jimenez, the Program Manager and Deena Mansour, the Associate Director, and the U.S. Department of State for providing, helping and taking care all of us all along the way. Without your support we would have known nothing about everything here in the United States that this is important and it could be an asset for us to go back to develop our countries to be a best place just like yours and create the good and easy environment for the people here and the people from Southeast Asia.

You don’t waste your time and energy with us, I promise! As a young leader from Cambodia, I am so grateful with this program and I am looking forward to learning more beautiful things like what I just experienced so that I can spread this experience and knowledge with the people not only in my country, but to all over the world.

By: Vanoeun CHHIN ( Mr)

Institution: Cambodian Living Arts

Email: vanoeunchhin

From: Cambodia


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