First day YSEALI Program began

Bouavanh, Professional Fellows Program in University of Montana

First day began of YSEALI program in Missoula, I have learnt many things, the YSEALI fellows from each country introduced by themselves and shared their experience as well and we got to know each other more well and the most thing that I interesting was when I got entry to the meeting room it was very well organizing, so in my mind was came up how they can great organizing for this program and I have to lean some ideas or experience from the program team that how they can done well like, this related to my leadership skills or team management as well.

And I was impressed that the Professional Program management team went to pick us up in the air port and warm welcome to us, so made me feel like important person to this program and Kelsey Stamm was great presentation the overview of the program, so I have more comfortable to talk or to ask what I need related to the program.

and Deena Mansour, Associate Director invited us to have lunch in her house and we had good opportunity to talk and exchanged during having meal about American and Asia cultural, so I have learnt that most of American people respectful to the law and most of people they are friendly and have good relationship with the neighbor and kind to other people as well. And well recognized on environment as the Missoula city is very clean and well organizing building.

We went to have dinner in some restaurant with Montana’s student; I saw a lot of women and men in the restaurant and they have good time and have a fun together, so I observed that women in America have a same level as men (gender equality). The people are here seems like very high responsibility and respectful each other, I think that most of people are here have a high education and communicate each other as same language, so it’s easy to understand each other as well, it’s not like LAOS country ( Asia) we have diversity ethnic and each ethnic they have their own language, so it’s too complicated to communicate and understand each other.

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