By: Phatsurang Dechabuddharungsi (Candy)

It’s our last thursday here in Missoula, Montana. It was the day we submitted our action plans which are determined to pave a new pathway back to our communities. We have come along way half the globe to bring out the best in ourselves and to prove that we are truly young Southeast Asian leaders who can create and sustain long-lasting changes to improve the lives of the community we live in.

For the past month, we have learned through the Mansfield Center, NGOs and other non-profit organisations who have also wholeheartedly contributed to shaping our new perspectives towards what really is an action to be taken for the sake of others.

Personally It doesn’t matter whether the actions are to be implemented or not, but the most significant thing is how the fellows’ experiences translate into a powerful story to be shared with immediate colleagues, friends, family members and other loved ones.

For myself, I’m going to make a documentary telling these powerful stories to my audience; my community. I come along way for this and I can’t wait to make it happen.

Today it’s my last day of blogging. Rather than just telling everything, I would like to take an action of what represents who I am through some visuals of my unforgettable memories I’ve collected for the past ‘Missoulian’ month.


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