Last Day of Fellowship After US Presidency Result

BY: Zet Nan, Zing Hang (Kachin Tribe, Myanmar

I was awake and slept often since 2 am of the 9th because of watching the election results on my phone and debated with a friend who working in Singapore. It didn’t come out as I expected and felt a big worry for US. However, I ended by wishing “God Bless American! God Bless with scary ways with hopping better outcome.”

As the last day of the fellowship, I went to Nkusm Salish Language School in the Salish and Kootenai Tribe Reservation. A warm welcome by one of the school founders as he gave a tour to us in school. 28 young students are studying there to keep mother tongue alive in interactive ways. Moreover, adult class is also running in order to produce fluent speakers to become in literate in language.

Then, we just dropped by a newly building casino runs by tribe as the profit goes to fund development projects in reservation areas. The casino business is successful that can able to build a new building.

There was a say goodbye to the Indian Education For All (IEFA) department staffs of the Missoula County Public Schools. After that, I had a lunch and visited to a retired staff and an initiator of IEFA and had a short conversation how he had been helped to students throughout his commitments.

In the evening, myself and another fellow (Thong) from Laos went together with LeAn and met our home stay at Montgomery Distillery Bar, covering the last night election result. We also wondered a speech made by next president inviting all to work for country. We hope that kind of manner of diplomacy is consistent.


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