A great time with host family

Kingkeo Kaojerpao, National University of Laos, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social work and rural community Development. November 6, 2016

The last weekend with host family, I had great time to remember. On Saturday my American parents created the wonderful weekend for me as we went to Carousel and Carmike Cinemas to ride the horse and watch movie. My mum and dad always take care of me, I would say that the host families here are very kind it is a good chance for us to be here and learn about the living style and culture of American. Today it is my first time to go to Christian Church, they do lots of activities such as religious ceremony, blessing for birthday and blessing for kid to be protected by Holy Spirit. Some people who come to the church working as volunteers they help each others, passing peace to everybody as the way of making all people happy and create peaceful world. I love people here in Missoula, Montana.


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