Hiking on weekend

By: Thong Lor

November 6th 2016 is the second week of all professional fellow program in Missoula, Montana. As this weekend is the last weekend of homestay with my host family during under this program and what I really have to do something with my host family. There are two main activities which I experienced. Firstly, I and the Noonan’s family (my host family) took our lovely dogs (Benson and Georgia) to hike up to the Waterworks Hill which is just 5 minutes’ drive to the north-east from Missoula town. This hiking trail is available for all, disability accessibility and open freedom for people to enjoy their hiking across the year in any season. Therefore, the Waterworks Hill becomes one of the hiking trail for people in Missoula to go for hiking.

This hiking trail is managed by an organization named Five Valleys Land Trust (FVLT) based in Missoula which I knew during my fellow this week and of the particular roles of the organization was “to ensure that people use this hill in the most beneficial way for the community instead of selling the land for other business” Said by Pelah Hoyt, Land Director of FVLT. The trails were exactly made to suit people so they can take their dogs with them for a walk. One of the ideas that I learned is bikes are not allowed on the trail so people can hike freely without any concern of being careful of bikes.

If I would compare back to my own country, I could see that not many people are interested in hiking but they do something else instead. In my opinion, I would choose this way of exercising because based on my experience today I had a lot of fun with our families, my friends and other neighbors. I also believe that hiking is also one of the exercising way to stay in good health. Again, I just like love hiking and will go more next time during my time in Missoula.

The other highlight today is after the hiking, I was dropped in the University of Montana campus supposed to attend the American football game. The game started at 17:00 and supposed to end at 20:00 and there were over 2,000 people (which I have been told by my host family) who were joining this football game. In fact, this is my first time to see how an amazing football is. Thousands of people put all energy in one voice for athletes by cheering out lout to athletes at the big stadium. I enjoyed with the game a lot but unfortunately I did not really familiar with the rules of the game so what I did was kept cheering when people cheered. I was just a little bit impatient during my time at the football stadium so I had to come home before the game ended.

In conclusion, my weekend day is wonderful. However, being prepared for leaving my homestay with host family next week is a feeling of leaving my own home that I cannot explain how I will miss everyone.


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