By: Hanty


4th November 2016, i and other fellowships got a chance to attend leadership workshop led by Ms. Karen McNenncy who is owner of Made You Think Consulting company and took place at the Mansfield Center Conference room. The workshop them is LEAD From Where YOU Stand.

Well, what i have learnt from the workshop is there are two obvious components of leadership: knowledge and skill. Leadership development is personal development. It requires accurate awareness of situation and accurate awareness of yourself.

After an hour training in the conference room, we went out to practice with some activities by forming a group of two. One has a piece of cloth cover up the eyes and the other one take the blind walk around the playground. This activity help taught you to see that become a leader, how your lead you colleagues while they are blind, while they know nothing what will come toward them.

Last of all, this workshop taught me how to being a good leader, manager and director. So, being as a leader, you need to have leadership skill, contribute, being supportive, empower, mentor, coach, shared, positive and transparent with your team work.

Intercultural Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

Met with Dr. Phyllis Ngai, UM Faculty, Communication Studies. The workshop is to practical communication strategies that are useful for dealing with intercultural conflict and taking part in intercultural negotiation. Thus, it helps develop an understanding how culture influences different aspects of the communication process, identify one’s own communication style in contrast to different cultural orientations and develop skills for bridging cultural gape.

To sum up, this help us to understand and be flexible. We have to think and try to understand in term of meeting each other half way between person or people who comes from different countries and culture.


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