That’s It! An essence of fellowship well- tasted!

BY: Ei Ei THU (Myanmar)

Despite my conditional health status, it is so privileged to join a productive workshop today held at Caroll College, at the sunny city Helena, by Montana Non- Profit Association (MNA). Ms Liz Moore, the executive director of MNA was the exceptional instructor I have ever met and I hereby regard my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the invaluable day.

Of course there are many learning today personally, professionally and intellectually. To begin with, I was aware of how Ms Moore has been splendidly skilled with “Word Choices”_ e.g., “Non-profit Industry; Non- profits to make revolved with or productive”. Thus, I am taught a professional English to be skilled at for effective communication. Secondly, I really appreciate with the way the workshop had been designed. It was super inclusive, participatory, resourceful, educational and well engaged. Yes, I am careful with my descriptions (adjective) too!

Ms Moore came up with her presentation resourcefully and connectedly that everyone had a chance to talk and present opinions and request specific topics they specially want to cover with. It was very broad from capacity building, board development, human resources development, impact learning to strategic business plan. Who expects that she could cover up these dynamic areas of interests in an hour for lunch break? But she did it!

After we enjoyed a group luncheon _the Chinese buffet delicacy, related reference materials for individuals were ready for the afternoon session, I wonder if she had her leisure lunch! I confirm that everyone’s learning expectations were well met. Active learning was practiced throughout the day in the class as she only mentored the key points and left us with ideas to be reflective with.

The noon session was cracked with a surprising topic, “World Giving Index Ranking”. It was puzzled that one of the countries we fellows belong to hit Top 1. It was Myanmar with the highest ranking in five year with covering period (2011-2015). Vitamins of the day! I felt so proud that we, Burmese citizens are ranked World’s Top Givers although the development of the country is left behind. The country might be seen poor, but its people are rich with sharing hearts.

Being a Myanmar Fellow, I am enlightened with the concept for fundraising too. I had some time to think about potential sustainable fundraising ideas for civil society in our way back to Missoula. Brainstorming continued in the van as the impact of active learning. That’s it! This learning will continue lifelong.


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