My Journey in Missoula.

By, Huong Dinh – Viet Nam

One week before my trip, both my husband and my son were sick and I thought I had to cancel this trip.  It was so hard for me as a mother and a wife to leave my family behind to move forward even though I’ve been exited and preparing for this trip for so long. I know family always hold  me back because me,  a woman, was designed to be with the family that My husband and I have together created.

2 days before my trip, both my husband and my son were doing better and my family started to pack my suitcases for me and 6 hours before my trip, everything was set to go. The first couple days was really hard for me as I only got to see my kids through Skype. I didn’t get to touch them, to kiss them and to cuddle with them before bed time. I was worried, missing my kids so much and honestly there was times on the airplane that I regretted.

Today marks my 14th day in Montana. And I realized if I ever cancelled this trip It would be a biggest mistake in my life.

Not only I have learnt so much what I need to learnt but also I experienced the very different culture; different communities in the US.  I also realized as a woman we often hold us back because of feeling guilty ; because of not trusting our partner that he could take care of the family that he created with you. And I’m grateful that I’ve learnt all of those things during this trip.

There was so many  days That I got to meet many of amazing women here at Montana and they told me about all of their amazing things that they have done for the community.  The woman that told me that they felt Privilege to do her hard work at First Step.  There was the day that I  went to the store like Secret Second and Home resource and learnt how much their business support back to the community either to support empowering woman or to help reduce wastes in the community.

There was the day I got to learnt how the  US government work together to bring benefit to the people and I got to watch the Final Presidential Debate at the University center.

There was the day I was touched deeply in my heart hearing about their amazing stories from my fellows team that they have done for the people in their home country.

There was the day my eyes wide open to see how this community connect to each other; support each other for the better community.

Also there was the day I got to enjoy this beautiful nature; beautiful trees  along the road that I was going… I’m thankful for the Creation that God had made.

The day we got to hang out with each other and just enjoy time at the mall

The day that I got to experience bus in the US; biking around the city and see the other part of the city

The day that  I simply enjoy my personal time like tonight…

There is no day that I regretted that I take a walk to the airport to join this wonderful program.  I can say I’m in love with this beautiful place, beautiful people and beautiful community!

To Montana, where my heart Stay!


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