By: Hanty

25th October 2016, I and my fellowship partner were picked up by Mr.Jesse Jaeger who is our fellowship coordinator from our host family to the campus of Montana University to meet with Ms. Andrea Vernon who is Executive Director of Campus Compact Montana. We had such a great talk around civic engagement. Guess what i found out from her sharing experience involve with this? Well, in my mine the definition of civic engagement if about POLITIC only, but right after met Andrea, she woke me up from the jet lag which was a bit remain still. And i just aware that the civic engagement is not only about political activities but also include advocacy work and service.

So, civic engagement is start with your personal value system ( Andrea gave the definition of civic engagement base on her experience). If you value good education for your children, value on clean drinking water for yourself as well as for people who need clean water, those are your value. That is going to be impact how you act and how you want to make sure that those things are be able to exist in your community. Beyond, who and how you be able to engage with organizations in your community to make sure that your community have good education system that would be prom you to work with those organizations, education system and volunteer system which you can help change and develop your community better. That is call civic engagement.

Right after finished with Andrea, we continued follow our busy schedule heading to visit Home Resource Center and met with Katie Deuel who is executive director in order to see and explore how does the organization work. Yeah! Home Resource is a nonprofit building materials reuse center. They collect and sell reusable building materials to reduce waste and build a vibrant and sustainable local economy. They work for what they believe in and take pride in what they do, like keeping project affordable, channeling used building materials to those in need, providing skills training to people who experience barriers to employment and educating community about reuse. This is such an amazing inspired work to me which i would be able to make this happen in my country once i return back home.

Last schedule we went to visit Mount Jumbo school. We visited a program formed by Empower Montana call after school class. There were about 7 kids between 9 to 10 years old attended the program. This after school program is providing kids opportunity having fun time with some cool activities such as sport games, critical thinking by show them some custom cards and cartoon video about racism and ask let them show their own perspective on what they have learnt beside of school program which they sit in the class and listen to the teacher for many hours. I think this is great program that really impact and educate kids how to act and engage them with critically thinking and show how smart those kids are and be able to grow up with ideas which will be a good future human resource for community and country.


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