Peaceful Missoula, careful people and useful University of Montana: The impression from YSEALI program participant from Laos

Ms.Kingkeo Kaojerpao, National University of Laos

When I was landed in Missoula, Montana I felt that the people here were getting in rules, warm even the weather was warmest than I ever touched before, look around the silent street could be found in over Missoula with the small light shining on the dark mountain because I arrived here at night time. The next morning with cold weather, it was the first time I saw snow on the top of mountain, and when I went to other places and came back, I only noted that if there are 2 mountains including letter L and M my hotel where I stayed should be in between 2 letters even I was lost on the way back from university to hotel alone the people along the street helped me to find my resident finally.

During my 10 days in the University of Montana, I had been to the Glacier National Park where there were many big old trees with 500-600 years old and big lake, the landscape is so wonderful, so cold but so cool too. Inside the University, my lovely professors Dr. Andrea and her nice colleagues has provided some interesting jobs such as the social work class with professor Cindy and professor Terresa. I also went to the Salish Kootenai School (SKC) where indigenous people can go to school and find their job easily after graduation. Besides that I went to the PEAS farm where they grew organic agricultural products which are later sent to food bank. I do love the idea of food bank here in Missoula because when poor people are hungry, they can go to get free food. One thing that I will keep in my experiences is non-profit organization named Volunteer Missoula. If university students and whoever are interested in volunteering in this city, they could find easily on website of organization. It would be a good opportunity for those people to do social service and working with community.

In University of Montana I found that quiet much number of professors here are women that because of the empowerment of women in leadership is the hot issue currently, so that to develop the community is really important to have women participation as shown in the women leadership meeting on October 22nd 2016, in Turner Hall, University of Montana.


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