Good friends of Vietnamese

Nguyen Minh Chau, Montana YSEALI Professional Fellow

Before this fellowship, I have a lot of good impressions on American people. I still remembered about the trips to Vietnam of President Bill Clinton in 2000, Bill Gate, CEO of Microsoft in 2006 and President Obama in May 2016. When Bill Clinton to Vietnam, he decided to build friendship instead of cold war policy like before. Bill Gates inspired Vietnamese Government and young generation about a dream to make Vietnam become of a country of soft ware and IT start-up movement. Obama become of an ambassador of Vietnamese food when he went to a very small restaurant to enjoy bun cha (noodle and barbeque cooked in a special way). A huge number of big television channels updated about his trip and of course, they also had videos with wonderful comments about my country’s food.

However, after 5 days on my Montana YSEALI Professional Fellowship, my good impressions are not only for very important and famous people but also for ordinary people. I was so surprised to people in Montana. Whenever, I meet them at street, office or hotels, at Glacier national park, they say hi, hello, how are you even I am a stranger. With the height of 1 m 20 cm, in Vietnam and in a lot of countries, I was recognized easily. People stare at me and ask personal questions or make comments. But here, they treat me like other people which make feel I am equal to other people. They are very polite, open, happy and friendly.

Today, it is the first time for me and Tien to meet your host family. They are Ellen and Richard Marshall. They invited to have dinner with them and Ellen really cared about us. She concerned about our food, clothes for winter, laundry and what we want to do during our time with them. The way they care is like our parents. So, it really makes us happy, warm, comfortable.

Now, I am afraid that I will fall in love with American People and when I come back home, I will meet them a lot.


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