Experience American culture

Tran Mai Huong, YSEALI Civil Society Development Fellows
Today is my third day in Montana, after interesting experience at the Glacier National Park, I had a chance to enjoy my first Sunday in fall. This season in Missoula is so great. The yellow color of falling leaves, crystal clear blue of the sky and white color of the snow mountains has dazzled my eyes with a colorful natural scence.
Surprisingly, it’s the first time in my life I have ever seen a deer hanging around in a peaceful neighborhood. A group of deers was grazing fearlessly near the motorway because they know that no one is going to hunt them. Away from the beauty of wildlife and the nature of Missoula, the life of local people in public places as supermarkets and shopping malls has also helped me to discover some aspect of American culture.
On the internal roads in supermarket or residential areas, the cars have to stop and make ways for pedestrians. The law has always being followed dispite of lacking of police. The traffic here is always busy but there’s no horn. There are parking places for the disabled in the parking lot which shows a lot caring for all of the city dwellers.
I admire the way people communicate together by saying “excuse me” and “thank you” whenever they got supported from the others. They have show their care and attention to the others with small gestures as holding the door for the people behind, make the line. The purchased products could be returned within a month if you do not feel like it and the sellers are happy to get it back. At every shopping center, there are a specialized counters taking back purchased products. All of those activities have bring me a feeling of satisfied.
Every country has its own culture, I would prefer not to compare between life here and my country’s. However, the communication in Missoula has impressed me on its own way. It makes people having a good life and living in harmony with the others. I’m feeling I’m lucky when I have a chance to experience Missoula in this beauty season and in a good relationship with international friends. I always interesting to discover new things, to different people and to try different food.

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