First day of #YSEALI – Making familiar

By:Aung Lwin

First day of #YSEALI – Making familiar

Better start acknowledging Denna and the team working hard on welcoming of the participants arriving from different places of ASEAN from the afternoon until midnight of cold October. The sense of YSEALI spirit can be seeing clearly by just following the steps that they guided the fellows.

The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center is a warm and a place where full of wisdom. There will be millions of things to be learned within these four weeks. No doubt! And of course, well prepared program book presentation gave a taste of it and can’t wait to start the following days.

Missoula, perhaps a town of peace and with lovely people is a nice place and felt very different from any other mega cities that have ever seen in the American films.

Now, felt familiar with YSEALI and its people including funder, State Department via long telephone conservation with Adam Meier. I appceriate myself being one of the participants of this program and deeply thanks to Department of State for initiating this sort of people to people communication channel not only G to G.


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