Starting Wisdom for Life volunteer group

By: Saw Yo Har (John) from Myanmar

2 September 2016

YSEALI Professional Fellows Program was a big urge for me to start the new group; Wisdom for Life volunteer group. Our primary aim is to promote the reading practices in the community. Through the time in Helena with Montana Non Profit Association, I developed one action plan to initiate the activities back home. I had precious time with Mrs. Liz Moore from MNA discussing the project idea and received guidance from her too. With the insights that I got from Big Brother and Big Sisters, Little Free Book Library combining with local context here in Myanmar, I am starting One book for One Child in One Month project. The project target is 30 children from one Monastic school and one orphanage. It is 3 years project and after 3 years, one children will receive 36 books as their own. "The Pitching Session" that I received in the exchange program help me to find 30 individuals who would donate books for 3 years. It is the remarkable experiences that I ever had. I would like to share about this project and I am hoping to receive your ideas and suggestion too.

"We are building better our world and our little ideas can change the world"


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