When She Called Me “Daughter”

By: Lyda NGIN – Cambodia

Grizzly Mother was how she expressed herself as a MOM. The one who is willing to do everything to protect her children, and never once in a life time abandon them. This strong mother named is Sally Weaver, the wonderful woman that I was fortune enough to spare my whole two weeks living, learning and receiving so much love from her.
During the whole two weeks, she made me changed my over 20-year perspective of what does the word MOTHER mean? To be honest, I have been living with such an emotional less toward this word. Mother’s day is meaningless to me. I always think there is no such thing of a pure love between MOM and CHILDREN. It is only existing in the movies and the fairy tales. Because instead of love, my biological mother had caused so much pain and bitter experience to me and my sisters’ lives, and we’ve to fight hard to be able to live in this society.
Otherwise, Sally has fixed my broken part and brought back the belief and faith that mother’s love does have on earth, and she made me feel wanting to be a mother on my own. A mother, who is ready to responsible for their children’s lives; a woman, who knows how to love; a strong mom, who is able to stand and fight for the safe and security of their kids; a woman, who doesn’t need to be perfect at cooking but could take a very good care of their babies; a woman, who knows how to kiss, hug and comfort their children. I would say I was very fortunate and so proud to having chance living with her. Much more than the best exchange experience, it’s a life changing moment that it might take me forever to learn the definition of the term MOTHER if I wasn’t being placed with Sally.
There are millions of words I want to express how gratitude I have for you and billions of thanks I would love to give to you for being so marvelous to my life, except, there is not enough space here or any notebook could I write all of these words for you. My heart was melted with peace and happiness when you called me as another DAUGHTER of yours. I felt as I was in paradise when I was able to hug you every morning as I got up from my super late sleep-in. Each cup of tea you made for me was an angel drink. Each table of medicine you gave to me the medicine from God. You need to trust me that I have never experience this kind of love and care from anyone on earth for these last three decades, until I met you. You never know how grateful and respect do I have for you from those moments and till the rest of my life. I know I was stuck in calling you mother because I didn’t use this word for to long, yet I was extremely happy and my heart is jumping around WHEN YOU CALLED ME “DAUGHTER.”
Thanks for every single act you gave to me. Thanks for saving my life. Thanks for this very worth-full lesson learn. Thanks for showing me what is LOVE. Thanks for being a wonderful woman by showing and leading me by example. Thanks for the eggs. Thanks for your hugs. Thanks for your driving. Thanks for sharing your personal life with me. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for motivation. Thanks for your wonderful smile, and million more thanks for every single act you did to me.
I never remember how to forget you because you have been a tattoo that will forever attach to my skin for life.
I do look forward to hearing back from you again my lovely lady. xoxoxo


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