Basic Need: Livelihood and Food Security for All People In The World

By: Lay Chantha

On 19 May 2016, I went to visit Glacier National Park. I went with my YSEALI group and three facilitator from Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) by two car. We spent two nights to stay at Grouse Mountain Lodge.The hotel was very big and beautiful. There were swimming-pools, big gardens and a gym. The temperature it was very cold. At the first day, we had dinner in the hotel. The food looked like so good for Americans people, but it was a little bite terrible for us. As we rare ate Sandwich or BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually, we ate rice for 3 times per day.

By facilitation of Germaine, Elaine and Vernon, We (YSEALI) have importunately met with staff office of Glacier National Park to share knowledge experience through question and answer to each other. They welcome and friendly with us when we met them. And they happy to share with us everything what they have. There were many located that we have visited such as Apgar Visitor Center, Headquarters Glacier National Park, Glacier Institute and Growing seed plants, etc. The park have established for 100 years ago. And it has attracted visitor at least 2.3 million people in per year. It has closed by Canada-United States Border. There are more than 1000 different species of plants, hundreds of species of animals. I am really to take a big pride in my life when I can seen amazing forest, and heard that there are a lot of species plants and and animals are remained. I still do not believe that the America country which is modern technology country that need everything to develop country, but it can maintain and management the forest for its generation.

If this forest within my country (Cambodia), I think that the government will granted to economic land concession or other investment company. And it will affected to living condition of poor people, women, and indigenous peoples who are living in surrounding of forest and harvesting wild food.

Today my YSEALI group came back from Glacier National Park by safety. On the way we took time to visit at Costco Stores and as well as bought some fruit, vegetable and cake to bring back home. Costco is Stores that selling organic food and other goods, Mrs. Germaine Said. Normally, Americans people always go to store in every on weekend to buy some food and others goods to use daily day. While in site store I observed that all the goods was put sign. Immediately, it remaindered me to consider about theory of Maslow talked" Five Basic Human Need" the people need five basic need such as: there are enough food, safety, shelter, clothing and freedom, etc. If we do not follow by this theory above, it seems no happiness in our life. I think that there are many Americans population was followed by this theory of Maslow. Unlike my country the government has never care of its populations.

I hope that everything will be addressed by government and YSEALI group.


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