Little voice.

“Little voice”

by Oshi Jowalu

18th May 2016.

To day we watched the documentary of Native American history on how the native people were suffer during Kerr Dam.

The Kerr Dam itself today seems very successful in term of Economic and management, the system runs well and can support the tribes in reservation are.

But before to day, there were a lot of tribes’ people who did not agree to have Dam even though they could say “ NO” but at the end the Kerr Dam is builded and they could do not thing because creating peace is more important than any other choices. The tribes lost their land and friends and happiness.

I feet like we indigenous people, we have very little voice no one at all can really here what we are saying and what the mother earth wants to tell us, global warming, earthquake, natural disasters and many other thing that happen around the world, it may be nicer if we could trust those politicians who handle the future of each parts of the world.

It seems to be many good examples are doing great for people but it might not enough yet compare to what sort of difficulties that we all are facing.

I just want to remind my self once again, no matter what we can do we are hopeful to do it as the Salish people keep teachng their children to say,

“Ta pistem’ qe qscmsqnmist”

Never give up.

Even though we have very little voice we will never give up.


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