16 days in Missoula = Give a Young Southeast Asia new Life

By: Jua Yang Sanesay (Laos – 15/5/2016)

With my first arrived in this city (Missoula Monatana), I questioned to myself “Why is this city so gorgeous?” I saw the space allocated building mix with lots of colorful trees, crass, flowers and fresh air which make this city become a real place of living.
I heard the birds sing, I saw squirrels were running and some was climbing on trees, along the community and school yards and deer were eating around the hill as the same time that people was walking or driving (they did not afraid of each other) why is like that? why the animals are very free. I asked myself.
I saw some families selling their stuff which they do not need or use less in front of their houses with the cheap price (Yard Sale). This is something I have never seen but I like this idea a lot, it makes me understand that something you do not want can be the thing that others very need (I bought some stuff and will bring them to my family) ‘If the people in my country and another know doing like this, it would be great” I thought.
I went to the theater (Marry Poppins) the show performed by volunteer of American/Missourian, Each movement or performing of them like professionally. This told me, they have the great team work and how they care their culture. I attended the ceremony for elders of Salish & Kootenai tribes and their school congratulate celebration, these events thought me about how important of culture and tradition maintenance. I think each country, each tribe/indigenous should maintain their culture and tradition to make the world colorful and for the new generation to see. Especially during the ceremony, I listened teaching and encouraging people to love, repect and care about the river and the environment from the elders of Salish and Kootenai tribes. They believe that river and environment help them to survive. I believe so too. Do you believe that?
While I was walking with a school teacher at Lolo Public school, I saw a litter girl walked straight to the teacher who I walking with and gave a hug to the teacher, they payed respects each other and then a litter girl left. Is she your daughter? I asked the teacher. She says “No she is not. she is a student”. I was so surprised how can it happen, how can teacher build relationship with their student, it is something I want to find out. I took more observations and meetings, I found that in Lolo public school, they have very strong relationship among their staff, students and student parents, they all respected each other, work closely together to address issue or problem. Lolo Public School is the first one I am so impress with. I like their way they do PLC meeting (Professional Learning Community Meeting). I like the way they do assessments. I like the way they teach, I like the way they care their students, especially the special education student and disability students. I believe what they do is the core of teaching & learning.
I will bring all what I learn during my time with YSEALI Program back with me to my home country and try my best to make changing in my community, especially the American Education System. “The country will prosper only when citizens in the knowledge and unity” this is what I believe.


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