Helena or the town of unique ideas

By: Saw Yo Har (John) from Myanmar/Burma

May 13, 2016

Helena which originated from Last Chance which the gold miner named the area as their last chance when they were finding the gold. Long history of wealth was proved with mansions, art galleries, cathedral. The first time in my life for seeing the real snow was here. Numbers of thing that I could not express all here.

The Montana Nonprofit Association which serves as the hub of organizations is a great match for me which I could learn a lot from Ms. Liz Moore, my fellowship coordinator. Every organizations in Helena that I visited and learned has each own unique ideas of building a better world. One point which I could saw was the number of women who are working in these organizations are higher than the number of men. May 13 was the historic moment of first battle of sexes in 1973. And another obvious point is there are few people who are working in the organization but they are all experts in their field which are efficient and effective for the organization and the community they serve.

There are numbers of word and idea that I received as to apply later. "One on one mentoring" is the unique idea of Big brother and Big sister organization. "It is not fund raising but it is friend raising". The way of fundraising from Big brother and Big sister. "The yellow flower is the sign of the soil richness for their protected area" said by Mary from Prickly Pear Land Trust. Their awesome deeds of open space idea is way above that I could mention. "the public has a right to know where the money flow" from Ed, Follow the money organization. The idea of connecting the agriculture and the energy" is from Alternative Energy Resource Organization.

Number of things that I learned and share within this week. At last not the least but I was taking care and became son in my host family. This is the best experience that I ever had.


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