The Education Is Extremely Important

: By Win Naing (Burma/Myanmar- 11.5.2016)

It is time to study about American Education at Lolo School for a Myanmar Citizen. I have studied about three days in Lolo School. As the first day in the school I observed the staff meeting that the Lolo School staffs are reviewed their mission and vision. They discussed about the essential concepts and transitioning grade level of the students for the next academic year.

When I visited to Lolo school I saw a very meaningful slogan that “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow “. It was wake me up to sharing to be re-apply that what I learned from their school to my home country. I also noticed that I have to do a lot for my country.

I do appreciated Lolo school teachers and staff, they are very welcome and polite for the YSEALI people. These staffs are very well understood what their value is, what their mission and vision are. They are working cooperating and they communicate effectively and respectfully.

I visited Kinder Garden (KG), Grade I and Grade IV in the Lolo School. The teachers are very professionalism in their teaching areas and students as well. These kids are very braving, bright and very intelligent. I played the game together with students and I singed the song together with the students. The students are very respect on the other, property, space and ideas. The students are known that they have responsible to on the tasks. They are very active and ready to learn from their teachers as well as from their communities. I knew that the education system is totally different with my home country and I realized that I have to change my communities by improving their education. I too realized that the education is extremely important for the country. Why I do believe that the education is extremely important is which is the great enabler and equalizer, the force that allows individuals to reach their potential, to dream bigger dreams and to be more fully engaged with a much bigger world. It is also the engine of social mobility, the avenue to better and more meaningful work and thus opportunity for one’s family, community and the world.

One thing I wish I can do is : to provide the quality education for my home country : no child left behind and change the world for good. Now I had change to studying about an American education then I got a lot of information which can’t be converting into better life without actions. So I have to do, So I have to apply, So I have to change our education. This is my believed why education is extremely important for the country.

Dear Kathi and Woody

I would like to appreciate and honor to my host family. I am writing with much gratitude to thanks you for such wonderful hosts to me when I am in Montana. My studying process is very great smooth in no small part by the support that you have given. I do feel warm and secure in your sweet home that we are in like real family.


Dr.Michael Magone is my coordinator to study about American Education in Montana, Lolo private School. His value of an education is : Enables a person to better understand, appreciate and contribute to the surrounding world, improves a person’s sense of self-worth, and opens doors to invaluable opportunities-personal or professional – throughout one’s life.

Mike, I do appreciate and respectfully thanks you for the opportunity to study and work with your Lolo School which helped me very precious knowledge to carry back to Myanmar Education.


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