By: Lay Chantha

Today is the eleven day of all YSEALI’s group arrived and have been staying in Missoula, Montana State and it is the day of YSEALI has to prepare everything for leaving by tomorrow noon to stay in each their host family until on May 24, 2016. I see that the time is really move so fast If we cannot prepare and management it. We will be lost any good an opportunely for our life.

Anyways, Today is also a special day that Americans celebrate Mother’s Day to honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

In the evening YSEALI’s group went to visit at Shu Shu Pham’s family as well as gave some flowers to them. Let you know that, Shu Shu Pham is Vietnames’s family who immigrated from Lao to Missoula, Montana State. We have eaten dinner at there. There are many kinds of food and soft-drink that they have arranged for us. The food is very delicious, and everybody took more and more until they felt fully enough.

After ate dinner we have listened their family sharing the story while they immigrated from Lao to Missoula, Montana. Ms. Shu Shu was born in north of Vietnam, She is half-daughter of Chines and Vietnamese. And she left Vietnam in 1954. She finished i french school in 1972. I am a lucky person while I immigrated from Lao to Missoula, said Shu Shu Pham. Even though, I always got obstacle but I solved it. Nowadays they have been living in Missoula, Montana, with three sons.

In my mind, All people in the world have never want to immigrate to other place or change their residency. If their country can provide real peace,freedom of speech, respect and recognize their rights every time.

Get back to lesson since I arrived in Missoula and joined YSEALI’s session I have learnt a lot of topic that it helped me to add extra capacity to achieve my goal, but in this time I just raise a few topic, How to Effective Market your NGO, Action Plan and fundraising that it taught me about the mind set of introduction something when I want. Anyways It made me known clearly about the time is money for all people in the world. Because of in my country is very poor time management and invest time is not in right way. Even though, they are a teacher and authority at all level.

Before I arrived in US, I have always wonder in myself and I have always ask my friend that why are there many people have interested in US and as well as to immigrate to live there. It is developed country, modern technology, peaceful, empower country, etc. When I arrived here, it is very interesting at all everything such as the infrastructure management, traffic lights, driving, friendly, and the environment conditions in the capital city.

I hope that I am a good resource person can change everything in my country in the future.


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