we are connected

“ We are connected”

Oshi Thailand.

Today I decided to cycling follow all friends to the “Farmer market,” Caras
Park in Missoula city. It was easy to ride bicycle here because people are
very much aware to give the way for walker and riders.

At the market there were many different kinds of organic foods such as
vegetables, fruits, and herbs, flowers and also tools for farming.

I met many Hmong people here they were selling their organic vegetables
and foods.

I talked to Sai, the Hmong lady from Laos, who came here about 4 decades
ago. She is working as a chief in restaurant from Monday to Friday. During
the Farmer Market season, she’ll be there to sell vital kinds of
vegetables. Farmer Market starts from early March to October, annualy.

“Life in the U.S. is not easy. I wish one day I could go back home and be
reunited with my family. Family brings simplicity.” said Sai.

After the conversation, I took time to walk around the market and figure
out the available products on the first day of the Farmer Market Kick Off
event. Unbelievely, various kind of fruits and vegetable as well as meat
were there at the first day market.

It seemed to me that people here quite are relaxed, simple and very

I ride further to another market near by met Tibetan people who were
selling his craft I spent about haft an hour with Norbu.

I found that he is refugee from India he came here 6 months agoand he did
know Dzongsar Jumyang Khyentse Rinpoche the meditation teacher who I was in
his institute about 5 years ago in Himashal Pradesh India.

*We were so close !!!*

Before coming I wanted to meet Hmong, Tibetan and Native American my wish
is fulfilled and looking for meeting more friends on my pilgrim.


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