Sunday May 1st.

Today is a national day “May Day”. This is an ancient spring festival. In the United State, people fill small basket with flowers and treats and leave the baskets at someone’s doorstep. In this morning our Program manager “Kelsey Stamm Jimenez” brought baskets that full of beautiful flowers, candies, pen and pencil for each of us as the YSEALI Program Fellowship Participant at the Comfort Inn Hotel.

Especially, in order to make this day more meaningful, Deena Mansour (Associate Director) invited us to her house for lunch, everyone was every excited and willing to join.

Kelsey and Caitlin picked up all of us 14 Fellowship Participants at Comfort Inn Hotel by 2 cars and heading to Deena’s house. At the time we arrived, we had a good welcoming by our Associate Director and our host organizations. Everyone started greeting and introduce name to each another, everyone was really interested to know and see each another.

Before having lunch our Associate Director Deena gathered all participants in circle to say welcoming and asked us to introduce our name, where we from, where we work and what we expected to learn and share during the time of YSEALI Program, then all participants started introduce one by one.

All delicious food prepared already and all tables are set. We all enjoyed foods and talked happily. it was such a great and unforgettable time for us, especially we as YSEALI Professional Fellows.

After lunch we were splited up into different groups based on our host organization schedule. Some of us just went back to the hotel and some went with the host organization for a short city tour and introduction.

During the city tour the team saw a big store name COSTCO, it is where there are many sections inside the store like grocery, pharmacy, electronic, technology and others. They saw many dears play around (Missoulian people respected them as neighborhood) and beautiful blooming flower name ARROW LEAF BALSAM ROOT around Missoula city where close to LOYOLA SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN or L mountain.

More over, they also saw the LITTLE FREE LIBRARY in front of some of Missourian houses and the reason for having this library is for providing opportunity, increasing people reading and building communication. These told me that the people in the United State particularly in Missoula of Montana they care a lot about their environment, education and the future of their next generation. I am so impress with the beauty of the nature, the good heart and friendly of the people in Missoula of Montana.

By: Mr Jua from Lao.


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