Cultural Activities and the second day to exploring Missoula, Professional Fellows Program 2016

By: Southouthone INTHILATH

Saturday, April-30-2016 is second day for the YSEALI spring 2016. It was raining the weather so cold more than the first day. But we have a warm welcome from Kelsey, Mr. Sean and Dr. Suzy Hampton to take us exploring Missoula.

The activities for today are Cultural Activity “ Garage Sales” and Thrift Stores. Before we leave from the hotel, we have cultural guide at the lobby of the hotel. Dr. Suzy introduce about what is Garage Sales, Yard Sales and Thrift Stores how is different and which one could bargain to Do or Do not. After finish, we are heading to the downtown to visit and buy stuffs on those places. It was take thee cars to bring us tour around.

The first place that we are drop is the Yard Sales; it is house that people use their own lawn to sell a lot of items such as: Clothes, Cups, Shoes, toys and etc. that they no longer use to sell them out to others people who are interesting and deal with the low price, After this the second place we went to Garage Sales is mean they use their garage to be a small shop, they are sell a lot of stuffs like: Tools for garden, Bike cycle, clothes and some jewelry. This kind of sales like this there is many household did. It is a good activity for family, Because they are used time on weekend to spend time with family and they teach their kids how to sale how to meet with people and one thing important is they are give the value of what they have and want to share these things to others it not about money is about how they are live with community, Furthermore, Some people came to the place not only buy and go, they are have conversation or discussion and give the question how is your family and your kids. This thing is important for community and it is good example for their children how they live and good for Fellows five country to learn from that. Oh!!! One strategy to sell is they have a free box inside there is a lot of stuffs who came first you could get it FREE.

The third place is Hellgate knight High School is local high school inside they are sale only book, all of the book are from people to donate for school, they are sell many kind of book more than 500 books: Geography book, Mystery book, Story book and Cartoon book, After they collect the money from selling, these money will support the school for group of students who will go to the competition event such as Debate Events. It was good to see the sellers are students he still young but seem like he very happy to be apart of this activity to earn money to help the school and his group.

On the way Kelsey, Mr. Sean and Dr. Suzy take us to the top to see the view of Missoula; it was good to see around Missoula how is big and nice view. Beside that have a chance to do the photo group and do the crazy post a lot of fun.

The fourth place at the Episcopal church. People are donates the stuffs that they are not use longer to the church and the member of church will make the event to selling these stuffs to people who would like to do the charity. It was lucky for us the day that we went to this place they are call “ Bag day” is mean everything in one bag only 5 dollars they are not count how many pieces in the bag, you can put in the bag until is fully, The people came to buy, they are so happy that they can buy what they like and cheap and do charity in the same time, Everybody go back home like Santa Claus with the big bag in their back. For Professional Fellows group, Yes, We do not miss to buy, we are be came Santa Claus as well.

The last place is Goodwill (Thrift Stores) according to Kelsey give the details on the guide book, The thrift stores the function like a social enterprise, with the profits used to support disadvantaged population, For example, The YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) Secret Second store supports women who are survivors of domestic violence. Goodwill, a national chain of stores, employs and supports people with disabilities. We all spend time in this store to see how they are manage the store, seller they are very nice.

After we finish the activities for today, Back to the hotel the time almost 2pm, we all get hungry and looking for the food to eat some looking for Berger King, MacDonald, Subway, some are looking for to have rice, the time to try American food, YumYum!!

I would like to conclusion what have learnt for this day, People live in Missoula are very nice and friendly, the way they lives are humble and easy not too rush. They are help each other and sharing what they have. This is good lesson learn to bring back to home country.

The places that we went to they are welcome us. Some people wondering who we are and why we are here like 14 people are Asian in the big group what is bring us to Missoula, they are interesting on YSEALI Fellows Program. Some people of our group have a chance to explain.

Special Thanks: Kelsey Stamm, Mr. Sean, and Dr. Suzy Hampton

Hey You!!! Missoula is the good place have to visit, Fresh air, clean water and People are very nice.


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