Amazing Montana & the first day of US Professional Fellows Program April 2016

By Win Naing, Myanmar

Today is the first day of the US Professional Fellows Program for the 2016, the participants from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. According to the agenda, the program Manager Kelsey Picking up us to the Comfort Inn to the University of Montana.

As the first activity of the day, we played Football introduction game with all of 2016 US professional Fellows Program participants. It was excellent game to know each other among the participants and very friendly with others. Game was very simple but very memorial.

Then, we had teleconference with State Department Program Officer, Adam Meier and 2016 US Professional Fellows Program’s participants. It was quite warm us because of his YSEALI welcome notes. We introduced one by one with him.

After this the program manger Kelsey gave the Administrative Orientation such as security , safety , financial things, food , communication , housing (Home stayed ) and transportation . It was very interesting because the orientation is very essential for us and it was very completed. I knew that we have to start learning from Kelsey. She is very good organizer and she prepared very perfectly to provide program orientation for all of us.

What is the amazing thing is she took us very delicious Vietnamese shop for our Lunch. It is very precious Lunch for today.

As the last agenda of the day, we visited around the City of Missoula. The tour made us very wonderful and happy because it is very interesting to understand the City of Missoula and we have to know the places where we would like to go in our free time. There you will see a lot of amazing Good Food Store, Southgate Shopping Mall, Big Box Stores like Best Buy, Albertson’s and Grocery. These are very attractive places of the Missoula. I love and live the City of Missoula.


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