“Education” is the main key to nurture the creative and responsible citizens.

By Cho Phyu (Burma/Myanmar)

Firstly, I would like to honor to Ms. Deena Mansour and Ms. Kelsey Stamm Jimenez from the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center. Because of you, I have got new experiences and have chanced to enhance my leadership and professional skills. I do believe that I could develop and change our society as much as I can.

Today, we discussed and reviewed about our action plan leading by Ms. Deena Mansour and Ms. Keri McWilliams. The Action Plan is one of the main activities that each fellows need to undertake when they arrive back to their own country in order to change and develop based on different situation such as education, environmental issues, human rights and so on. Everyone have different situation and ideas based on their action plan. And also some fellows collaborate and cooperate according to reach their goals. I do like this action plan because we could have chance to create and to enhance our abilities in term of developing our community.

In the afternoon, we all conducted the DiverseU Panel Discussion in the University-wide event. We presented mainly three parts which are “Wildlife and natural resources conservation”, “Education” and “Human Rights” based on our work and situation happening in our country that how different in here and what we have learned these issues. I presented about our education system. Everything is totally different in Education such as educational policy, teaching methodology, assessment, classroom management, and exam system etc. Our education system is rote learning which is learning by heart and just memorizing. There are limited resources in schools. For many years ago, our country is the best in education system within South East Asia. Our standard is very high. Nowadays, the education system is very worst and less value in education because the curriculum is not reflect the professional needs. As you all know, the education is the key to change everything. Our country is poor and poor because of 70% are farmer. It means 70% are uneducated people. I want every single child to go to school. I really want the “Myanmar Education” to nurture creative and responsible citizens.

After DiverU panel discussion, I went out together with our host family. They also joined in this session. I’m very happy to meet with them again before we leave from Missoula. Because tomorrow is our last day in here. We go shopping. And also we have a grate dinner together with them in Vietnamese Restaurant which is our one of the favorites. Later on we all eat ice-cream for desert. I do thank to our host family. They are very kindness and I’m very impressive.

Today, I start to see the snow in my life. I really wanted to see before I leave from here. It’s such a wonderful for me. Anyway, I’m also thank to US Department of State to give the opportunity for future young leaders from Asia to enhance our leadership and to change our country. In my life, I won’t forget your gratitude and I’ll try to change our society and country.


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