Koreeyor Manuchae, Thailand

After 3 week in Montana I just felt I am arrived to Montana today when I be in the top of “M” mountain.I went to hiking with 4 fellows and one of my friend “Hongnapha” beautiful lady from Laos, birthday. We sing birthday song together for her at the “M”.

On the top of mountain is very nice view point. Pretty town in colorful of tree in the fall season. On the way hiking I seen beautiful smile from friendly Montana people and I really love it. I love to see people smile and say “make me” with stranger. It make me felt warm and flower in my heat is blossom.

Last week I have chance to hike with fellows coordinator family in Jewel Basin, Polson. It is very nice trip. And the trip make me happy with lovely boy named “Theo” fellows coordinator’s son. He is only one and haft year old but he is very clever and active boy.

In Thailand I am hiked many times. We have many beautiful mountain for hiking especially in the northern of Thailand. If you have chance to go to Thailand. hiking is one trip I would like to recommend.

I am like hiking but not much than the way to hiking. I love to building relationship during the way. I saw a good friendship, kindness, hospitality we talked, we smile we laugh. Even we so tried. We walk slowly and everyone arrive in the same time.

I and 3 fellows got invitation from Hongnapha host family to join lunch and celebrate birthday with chocolate cake. I am not good cooker but I am the best wash dish after meal and I did it.

I have a good time and good memories with host family, fellows coordinator, ASEAN fellows and lecturers. I would like to say Thank you so much to Mansfield Center to create a good program and bring me from far a way to here. Every day in Montana is my sweet memories.

Tonight is Halloween night all fellows will join Trick-or-Treat celebrating the Halloween tradition with host family. Sound exciting right? And now is time to go!


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