Good people good experience good memory

By: Ms. Lamngeun Manivong, Laos.

Finally, today is my last blog post!

Time is run so fast, until now this is the fourth week that we were stayed in Missoula. I hope that every one of us feel warmth, impress and got love, friendship from every body we met and learn from while staying here in Missoula.

Especially our host families who taking care of us very well like we are their children. During 16 days even it is not a long time but I believe that everyone feel of warming, love and good friendship from them. Every activity, discussions will be our precious memory in my life, which we cannot forget.

I impress the most in Missoula is people here are nice, friendly and pets lover. I can feel and see that most of people here have cats and dogs and I love cats and dogs as well. And dogs and cats here are very cutie.

The most impress for me is the sanitation and hygiene are very good system, every people can drink water from the tap directly, every household can access to the good system of sanitation, hygienic toilet, along the road we can not see and found of garbage. Such a Very clean city!

The traffic is very convenient, not may traffic jam, everybody are generous with each other especially drivers, they are very respect to walkers when they meet people are crossing the road they will stop and let the walkers go first.

Everybody are friendly with each other, what a peaceful and livable city that make me want to stay for a long time as much as I can. The one thing I like is vegetables are fresh and very delicious here, I like it so much.

The most American food I like is steak; I have eaten beefsteak, bison steak and elk steak that I never eat the delicious steak like this before.

For the dessert what I like the most is ice cream and yogurt, if possible I want to buy and take it to my home country but it would be blow up in my baggage before I got home. The weather here is very nice even very cold but like it. Not much dust, small city but it is a livable for many people and me.

Finally, I would like to thank you Mansfield center who give me a valuable opportunity to involve in this program, thank you Deena, Kelsey and team such as Caitlin, Shanty and Mansfield volunteer those who are good facilitate and taking care for all of us, thank you so much for my host family Will and Coco Ballew who are very kindness, nice and lovely. During 11 days when I stay with them I am very happy with their warmly welcome and good take care of me, I miss them already and miss their lovely cat “cat” and dogs “Charlotte and Joey” they are a good friend of me. And Sarah Bate, she also is my fellow coordinator and my host family for a 5 days, I am very happy while I stay with her and her son “ Novah” he is a good boy even I didn’t talk much with him but I feel that he is a good boy and very nice boy, and her dog name is Janna and cat (I cannot remember her nameL). You all are my best memory who came to make my life full of life experience and good memories. I hope and believe that I may come back here again Missoula to meet with good people like you guys as far as I still survive. I will not keep you all in my memories but I will keep you all in my heart and my life till the day I die. Love you all. J


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