The Dog in US Lucky than Stateless People in Thailand!

By Mueda Nawanat, Thailand

I really enjoy for learning and get new experience in Montana, US so far…

Last week I went to watch the concert for fund raising to support non- profit organization. On the way back, we met a dog in the dark and it was looks like a dog tried to find the owner. We drove a car and check the dog’s ID, we tried to call to the owner of a dog… This situation made me know a new thing and made me think about my sister who is stateless person. Even the dog in US has the ID for get the take care rights. It’s amazing for me…If my sister has ID card as dog US, I could find her and we should stay together. I remember; my sister left home since 1993 until now we couldn’t contact her. My parents would like to report to the police but they also concerned about the police would arrest them because they are stateless people. Moreover, we don’t have any ID card and official document about my sister. We have only her pictures, but we know that it’s not enough information for report to the police. 22 years for waiting my sister come back to stay together. I think if she within nationality, I do hope I can meet her in one day. Now our hope for finding her as finding her in the dark… That’s why the dog in US lucky than stateless people…

I stay in Montana, I felt as volunteerism and non- profit organization around me. But I didn’t see much about the organization working on the youth participation. I was trying to find the reason. At least I found the a reason, many non- profit organization or NGOs work with University of Montana and have class to teach and share about the value of volunteerism and working for society. That’s why many of young people are become volunteers and working for society after they graduated from university.

In Thailand and our region, the NGOs have no chance to teach and share about values of society work in university. We still need more volunteer in our region and the good way have to campaign and put the volunteerism and social work in university curriculum.

I want to see volunteers around me in my region…


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