Today may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

By: Lamngeun Manivong, Laos October 20

This week is a third week for all of us to live in Missoula, I sure that everyone gain much of good experiences. Such as learnt about living style of Missoulian, stay with friendly host family with warmth welcome and good take care, shared our own experience work with others, learnt about work with other organization that I can said that there is a precious knowledge in our life receive from participated this program.

I am very glad and very happy during stay here, people are friendly with warmth welcome and I feel that I am already familiar with those people who are live in here.

Last weekend, I have a chance to go the farmer market and I bought a lot of vegetable there, I very like it because all products here are organic, many kind of vegetable and food for everyone to buy it. Most people from that day are back home with a big bag plenty of vegetable and me too J! For me I am very lucky because most of vegetable I get free from Mhong Laos who live in Missoula. I had talked with them and ask them a few questions, I bought vegetable with them and give them money but they decline to receive my money, they said you are come from far away please take it, I want to give you, we are Laos. Wow! I am very happy to meet them.

After that, I had joint cooking lunch with Hong’s host family, we took the vegetable we bought to cook for our lunch and then I have a chance to do some harvest organic vegetable with Hong’s host family. It ‘s very nice home garden.

In evening, I invited Hong come to my host family to cook together for our dinner. My host family name: Will and Coco Ballew, they are very happy with our food, during dinner time we also discus and talk a lot in many things as personal feeling, work, family, culture and politic.

Sunday 18 October, I went to hike to the mountain “M” with my host family, that day the weather is very nice it’s suitable for hiking. My host family: Coco

Ballew, she is very nice, she always take care of me, when we hike we also talking with each other even I was tired but I never stop talking and sharing with her.

Monday 19 October, I very enjoyed with he kids grade 4th from St. Ignatius that the Montana Natural History Center had organize this filed trip to go to National Bison Range. Juliet from National Wildlife foundation responsible to drive and take cares Thai and me in that day. Even rain, everyone was enjoyed playing and learned. I had learnt a lot about how to design a lesson plan and activities for children in biodiversity education program. After that, we went to the visitor center of National Bison Range but unfortunately, the center was close. So, we went around the range to saw the Bison. Finally, we saw one big Bison very closely.

Today is my big day to presented about my work and my organization to many people in Blewett School of Law, University of Montana. First of all, I would like to thank you National Wildlife Foundation, especially Sarah my fellow coordinator who give me a good opportunity to share and presented about my work and my organization. Second, I would like to thank you to Robert S. Anderson also to let me participated on this speak. Even short presentation for me, I was so excited before presented until finished, my legs still shaking and I breathe so fast but I feel good after that. This time I think that I do my best but not good enough, if I have an opportunity again I will do better. Every opportunity gives us lots of experience, learn and improve ourselves to be better. Today may not be good, but there is something good in every day.


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