Hand cuff man in orange clothes

Koreeyor Manuchae –Thailand

This morning, I went to Lake County Courthouse in Polson, Missoula. I saw hand cuff mans in orange clothes. I am not really happy with this picture. I thought defendant and complainant is equal right to battle under the law. But complainant wear suit and defendant wear orange clothes and hand cuff. Do you wonder how they fight when they are not in the same position? Sure I am wonder about that too.

The law said “people will not be guilty until judgment” but when you saw someone dress orange clothes with hand cuff, what do you think about them? They are good person or they are innocence person? I do not think so! If they are good person why have to put the cuff in their hand?

For the lawyer or people in the justice system, the hand cuff man is simple picture have nothing surprise. They can see every day in criminal case. I am lawyer in Thailand and I provide legal service for Migrant workers. I saw that picture in my real life many times and I feel sad every time when I saw them. I cannot stop to ask myself “why do we have to do cuff defendant in the court?” for safety? But the court have police man and guard stay around. Many defendants are not from serious crime, they are just drugs user. For my opinion drugs user is patient and patient is not crime.

This situation is similar in Thai court, the defendant have no freedom except some defendant have money for bail out. They do not want to wear orange clothes (Brown clothes in Thailand) and hand cuff. For the defendant get bail out they will have freedom for a while before judgment.Many migrant workers in Thailand and I working for without any document and do not have money for bail out, they have to stay in jell as a guilty person without judgment.

I think, nobody can give a price for freedom, even freedom for a while. But freedom is still high meaningful for everyone. The right to bail out should be for every defendant, it is not only for money man. No matter who you are, within document or without document person. The real justice have to protect and respect everyone under human rights.


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