Life of Hope, Learning, and Amazing time!

By Mueda Nawanat, Thailand

Rainy day! And second time for writing

​ on YSEALI ​

My life in Montana, USA for two weeks I learned many things so far… I spent my time a lot with my fellow coordinator, she is Hilly McGahan. She is Attorney and working for SAFE Harbor of Lake County. We can learn, share, and exchange together everywhere such as in office, car, home, lake, and or during hiking. Wow! It was amazing! We discussed a lot about human rights in our country. We had many issues is common issues such as migrant worker, child and women abuse, and human trafficking. She opened the window for me, when she talked about Hmong people from Laos are staying in Montana!!! This topic is really made me would like to know more and would like to meet Hmong people…

My expectation came true, last Saturday our host family brought me to Farmer Market and met with Hmong people. I felt realy excited, I don’t know how I should start to talk and ask them…of course I wouldn’t let my opportunity go away… I begun I introduce myself…I am working for stateless people and help Hmong people who are stateless people in Thailand. They said; they are Hmong ethnic minority from Laos. Before they came to USA, they stayed in refugee camp, in Thailand because of civil war. They came to USA since 1991 till now. They are still hard working with their farm but have a better life, and got US citizen. Miry said (a Hmong women) “I want my kids keep speak Hmong language, because I don’t want my language lost. I don’t know in the future what is going on with our Hmong language but now I still alive so I would keep my language until I die…” The US government supported Hmong teacher to teach Hmong Language for the children in the Hmong community… I really happy to hear they have better life. I shared about Hmong people from Laos but now they are staying in Thailand with difficulty life…

Thai government asked Hmong people were soldier to protected Thailand until civil war between Thai and Laos finished. Thai government would give Thai citizen… many Hmong people were soldier and protected Thailand. When they came back from finished their duty but Thai government broke the promised with Hmong people. Until now they are still stateless person. Moreover, a man when he came back from civil war he couldn’t fine his family. His friend told him, his wife and kids already gone to USA… He has to face with difficulty life, but however he still hopes would get Thai citizen and gets his family back… one day… his hopes of life.

Amazing time of my life in US! My friend fellow from Thailand, Myanmar and I had opportunity to share about our work on human rights, child rights and education issue in Thailand and Myanmar with students who studying in master degree in university of Montana.

Today I got a chance again to organized small workshop for one hour about human rights at Arlee High School. It was very fun and really amazing for me. I learned from this workshop; the students are ready and confident to protect their rights especially basic of human rights. But the same time, I concerned if they too confident to protect their rights sometime is easy to abuse other people rights… it made me think about student and people in my country. The people in my country need more confident to stand up to protect their rights… I really hope that, my peoples would stand up to protect their rights soon and the peoples would respect Human Rights!!!


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