Sunday culture in Missoula: Church, American Football and movie

by Hnin Phyu Phyu Aye, Myanmar

Crisp Air,

Pretty Leaves,

Sweaters & Boots,

Football, Pumpkin and Coffee….. I LOVE FALL!

It is a beautiful day!

There are many outdoor activities on weekends, such as hiking, golf, fishing, hunting, camping, bicycling, watching movies, soccer and mountain climbing. As this is the first weekend at my host family, Ms Karen brought me to Father Jim’s house in order to explore a religious event in Missoula. There were about 28 guests gathered for a worship service together but also sharing their opinions and beliefs. Everyone brought cookies, fruits and chips to share with each other. After worship most of the people went for breakfast. This is one part of Missoula Sunday culture. Ms Karen brought us to the Post office an explained how we could send a letter or parcel. This is very different from my country. They could use the post office even on weekends because of their customer supported system which makes public easy to access their services. Anyone can rent a post box. After that we visited a Thrift store named Secret Seconds organized by YWCA, which I had never seen before and this is one of the good ideas of fundraising for Non-profit organizations.

In the afternoon, I watched American football. I am sure this is a difficult sport and players must be very strong. American football is totally different from our football. There is no goalkeeper and the players don’t need to be run all the time. After watching this game between the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns, I realize how teamwork important as “Talent wins Games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship.”

I went to the Cinema 10 Movie Theater as this is one of the important parts of American culture. There are lots of family and friends to watch movies. The name of the movie is “MARTIAN” which is exciting and wonderful. There is no seat number provided and this is “first come first serve” service. Fortunately we got the same row to sit together.

The other part of American culture is food. Ms Karen (my host) is a good cook. During my stay she prepared different food for dinner and lunch. I really enjoyed it and my host family becomes my family in Montana. When I arrived here, everything was great! It is a really familiar atmosphere and we had a lot of fun form the beginning on. One of our neighbors invited us for apple pie and ice-cream.

I have had many opportunities to observe Missoula because of kind support from my fellowship coordinator Ms Samantha Hines and My Host family Ms.Karen & Mr.Keith. I feel very lucky that I have met with key people from different organizations, attended meetings, and explored family life and culture in Montana. I would say It has been one of the best months of my life, full with new things, friends, moments, sport, memories, great times, food, places, school, fun activities, and overall a WONDERFUL family.

It is an amazing experience here living in Montana.


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