When I was volunteer

Koreeyor Manuchae, Thailand October 15, Ellen home’s

Today we learned and shared a lot about civil engagement and volunteerism with Dr. Andrea Vernon. After lesson, we went to learned about volunteerism at realistic in Poverello Center. The center provide many things for homeless people such as food, shelter, Internet, phone, laundry, medical care, and etc. Poverello Center has own building and get a lot of funding from individual donation. Some budget supported by federal government. I thought, the way they woke is sustainable for organization.

In Thailand, non-profit organization couldn’t get any grant from the government. It is not easy to find founder in our country. Thai homeless people are lucky than homeless here because in our country have no snow in winter. Homeless people do not die because of cool. However, Homeless people is still big problem in Thailand.

We were volunteer in Poverello Center, one group were working in kitchen. Other group were who get cold group working in store for shelvesthings. After we worked in door, we walked along the road for cleaning around. I saw volunteer in Poverello Center and i think they are have a big and stronger heart. They are working hard and they did not forget to smile with stranger person. volunteerism always inspiration to me.

In 2006 I was volunteering in Human rights lawyer with Thai Volunteer Service Foundation. That was the first time for me to learned about human right and volunteerism until now i am still continue working on human rights issue. I am working with Migrant Rights Promotion Working Group (MRPWG) in Tak Province (Thai-Myanmar Border Northern of Thailand) our target group is Migrant worker from Myanmar. We want to see Migrant worker can assess to the rights and the law protect them as equal right as Thai labor. Such non -discrimination in the Law but many times the law is not completely enforce for migrant workers. They do not know about their rights and what responsibilities under the Thai law. Especially illegal migrant workers they just work in factory cannot go anywhere because they afraid police arrest and deportation them back to Myanmar. Even they are legal migrant worker, they still afraid to stand up for claim their rights because Thailand is not their home country. my organization also educate and advocate Thai government to understand and respect the migrant rights.

How about you? Let’s share your volunteerism experience with me!


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