Different can be unity

By: Cho Phyu

Min Ga Lar Par!

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Cho Phyu who is from Burma/Myanmar. I’m working at the Human Resourses Department in Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School which have over 7000 students and providing free education to all children from rural or urban areas. Because of that school I have passed my high school level. If not, I can’t imagine my life what will happen and struggle. On the other hand, I also work as a coordinator in the Monastic Education Development Group “MEDG”. Our vision is “Monastic Education nurturing healthy, creative and responsible citizens”.

In this afternoon, we have learnt about the cross-cultural conceptions and contexts from Dr.Udo Fluk who is a German born cross-cultural researcher and who has received the doctorate degree from the University of Montana. I accepted that there are different cultures such as foods, music, festival, dance, sports, holiday, clothes, language and so on. But in order to under the culture, we need to understand our own. Culture is very complex. He explained as an example such as “Onions and The Iceberg Theory”. As you all know, there are so many layers in the onion. When you all see that you know the onion is with red colour. But when you take out a layer by layer, you might not see or recognize that will be onion. You need to know and understand the inner and core layer of onion. As the same example is the iceberg theory. You probably could see the obvious in the upper of iceberg but you couldn’t see the hidden things underground surface such as openness, respect, feelings, friendship, emotions and so on. I do realize that “If you want to know and understand their cultures, you have to live in that culture”. And also he explained about the intercultural learning process and also different high and low context countries like which countries is “Monochronice” or “Polychronic”. Culture is something very powerful and is part of what we do. Nowadays, some country are missing the culture because we all are interacting each other and because of globalization. I do appreciate that the program arrange for homestay to understand the cultures in here. Based on his explanation, you all might reflect as yourself or country.

Today is also our first week of fellowship and homestay. Everyone meet with their host family and fellowship coordinators. Our fellowship coordinator is Ms.Samatha and our host family are Karen and Keith who are so kind and warmly welcome to us. They have been to our country last 2013. After Dr.Udo session, we started to depart to our host family’s house. They are so friendly and openness. They showed our rooms where we have to live. The decoration is very awesome. I hope, every fellows enjoy and you all might have different experiences during homestay and fellowship.


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