YSEALI Professional Fellow Program 2015: Life is Step by Step

By Mueda Nawanat, Thailand

I strongly believe in youth power and that youth can create their future by their hand. I love to work with youth or young people because when I work with them, I feel they have a lot of energy, idea, inspiration, dream, and power…

My name is Mueda Nawanat from Thailand, I am Karen ethnic minority. I am working for helping stateless people to get legal status and have to be better life and rights. In the other hand I am working with youth from six countries in Mekong region to work and support each other in our same goals to protect our environment and humanity from harmful development projects. When I was stateless children, I had to fight with difficulty situation happened in my life; I couldn’t go to school, I couldn’t get heath care insurance, don’t have rights to freedom traveling, and I don’t have birth certificate. I felt the same as I had no country want me belong to…but I just have strong believe; I was born in Thailand, grew up in Thailand, love Thailand, and would develop Thailand…

Even I stayed in the difficulty situation but that didn’t mean fate less. I never stop to finding opportunity, building opportunity, and asking opportunity. My life is going up to be better life step by step.

The YSEALI Professional Fellow Program is giving other step of my life because for stateless people, or former stateless children like me, we often cannot get an opportunity to participate in an international level program.

It’s 4th days of spending my life in Missoula, Montana, USA. I am starting to learn a lot, especially today. Today we learned about foundation in NGO development, telling your story: how to get effective marketing. We were really enjoying this workshop because this workshop made us have to think and active our mission, our vision, and our values all the time. How to tell our goal, our story to work for society as can touch heart to a listener. In the session all of the fellows were sharing their mission, vision, values, and strong inspiration to working for their country to get better and better.

We are not only learned from professor but we also learned a lot from our friends. My friends are working for equal education, equal rights for migrants, stateless people, women, children, indigenous people, and environment protection. Everyone have strong believe would get the skill and improve our knowledge from YSEALI Professional Fellows Program and bring all of experience, skill, knowledge back to our country. I am really exciting for look forward to learning the new things for next step and new things J


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