Enjoy the first day of out door activity in Glacier National Park

By: Lamngeun Manivong, Lao PDR

Everyone was excited for the first trip out door activity,

Along the way, we see crow and buffalo was different from my country

And around the road there is a horse farm and diverse landscape and see a lot of traffic sign that “please be aware of deer”. The weather today is very nice to drive a car from the town to Glacier National Park and it’s two hours drive from Missoula.

We were visited to Glacier Institute. Mr. Justin Barth is the field camp program manager; director of education presented the practical information for us about the Glacier National Park and the crown of the continent is covers approximately 16,000 square miles –twice the size of Massachusetts, the boundaries include part of southern British Columbia, Alberta and Northwest Montana.

The presentation was very interested and everyone were asked some question We learnt about how ecosystem is important to our society and we learnt about Glacier institute operation how they work with the government and other partner.

We enjoy lunch arranged by Mr. Justin; everyone was enjoyed eating than the other days. We went hiking for a few miles. There are lots of Western Red Cedar, Black Cottonwood and Western Hemlock and we saw a little squirrel. Everyone was very excited and take many remarkable photos during the hiking. We met a lot of very friendly people were passing by and say Hi to each other. After that, we came to the town call “Whitefish” and we spent a whole evening time together for city tour by walking. We are enjoyed walking and take a photos with the colorful tree and feel peaceful with environment of the town.

I want to give three words of today is:

1. Peaceful: peaceful place make peaceful mind

2. Enjoy: enjoy listening, enjoy eating and enjoy hiking

3. Learn: we know it, we touch it, we feel it that’s the way we learnt



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