New Knowledge about U.S Culture and Country

BY : Hnin Phyu Phyu Aye, Myanmar

My first impression in Missoula is a nice, peace and beautiful town. Wherever I look around the town there are lots of colorful tree which we could not see in the South East Asia. Most of the houses are wooden, similar style and lovely cozy house.

We start the second day with the orientation of U.S Government lecture by Professor Christopher Muste. We learn about the fundamental of U.S Government and how does this work with the state and local level. Prof Christopher did mention about how important the roles of media being criticize and write article as representative of public voice. One of the interesting topics was the power between Government and Citizen. The U.S Government gives a role for citizen, therefore each and every citizen can take part in the political transaction. All the participants were asked questions interestingly based on their background experiences. We had learnt and got different perspective about the political situation and bring back to our home countries. Professor said a short inspire word “KEEP things creatively!”. This remind me I need to be creative in order to reach my goals and vision not just learning form others.

The second section was “American Cultural Values” and this is one of the good lectures by Dr. Tobin Shearer. He started the program with small brainstorm program with a small video clip of Amazing Grace song by President Obama signed during the eulogy. The presentation was about the collective identity and personal choice. We learnt the figure of land, races, religion, food and entertainment etc. Dr. Tobin also share some useful culture and suggested do and don’t while we are greeting people. He also recommended doing analysis on religion, food and culture during our home stay. He appreciated our team for some points which we mentioned and he didn’t include in this presentation. One of the comments that from his and I like is “Calories food are cheaper but nutritious are expensive”.

Before the end of the section we were had a discussion about short introductory course on “Leading Change, Pre departure module”. This module is very useful for me. There are 6 module and time management is one of the most useful lesson for me, because I can apply on my daily schedule. After the discussion we learn together a few module of Fellowship leadership part-2, share different opinion about the module then. Since we are in the United State, every wanted to be communication lesson instead of one side talking. Therefore everyone would like to study the rest of the module on our own and follow by a deep discussion in the other day.

Even we arrived just two days ago, we feel very familiar with people in the town and Mansfield Center because of their kindness and lovely smile. We explored the Montana University campus and have a nice walk around. I noticed that most of the University students are friendly and use bicycle to go around and even into the university. Green grass ground is beautiful part of the University. The Mountain “M” and the building of University are very beautiful and best match, if we view from any corner.

Finally, I would like to say from the bottom of the heart, thank you to Ms. Deena and Ms. Kelsey for your kindness and warm welcome to us!


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