You Will Be Missed!

By SEK Sovanna, Cambodia

One day less, we will leave you, Missoula, Montana. You will be missed! I cannot put into words how much I will miss you. You are so charming and your people are so friendly. All these memories will be with me forever no matter where I go and where I am.

As it almost comes to an end of our visit, the highlight of today is the feedback of our individual action plan which we were working very hard over the weekend (like one of our fellows said Memorial Day was for American but not for usL, we had to devote this time to work on it).

Fourteen copies of action plan have been printed and placed at every individual spot. After going through everyone’s work, it makes me feel that mine needs a lot of adjustment. Feel super bad but try to tell myself “no one is perfect but what you have to do is to learn from your mistake”. After Deena Mansour pointed out a great action plan done by one of our fellows and after sitting one on one with Keri McWilliams, Executive Director of Wild Rockies Field Institute, who is kindly to help us to review our work, I finally can see my mistake. I will adjust it accordingly and I hope it has less or no mistake for my second version.

Today’s session is ended a bit early. As I haven’t gone to the M (the symbol of Montana) and I don’t want to miss it, I hike there alone as other fellows have already made it. Missoula is much more pretty to see from the M. Missoula is so green and surrounded by the mountain range look like an imperial. That makes it more charming! If I can magic, I will magic myself to be a missoulian and live in Missoula. I promise if I get another opportunity, I will visit here again.

We, then, wrap up our day by going to a party which makes special for us. A Burmese family who is settled here in Missoula is very generous to through us a party. First, we thought that it would be only like a family gathering dinner, just us and them. But it’s not, there are many people coming to the party. The party is pretty big. We get to meet those new faces and chat, exchange the name cards and share the story from one another. It’s indeed a great opportunity for us to build network across the State. We really appreciate it and greatly THANK to Bo Bo and Cho Cho for the party.

Last but not least, I hope you [readers] don’t get bored to our daily blog post. Thank.


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