What’s next?

By Siliphaithoun Xayamoungkhoun (Tok), Laos.

May I have your attention please… I just realize that this is our last blog of this spring cohort YSEALI Professional Fellows Program, so please read it until the end.

Really, one month already for us in Montana!? Yes it is…Have we learned professional skills? Hmmmmm yes, we have! So I don’t need to list them up here as I know that our follow friends wrote a lot about them. I can tell that we are drowning in experiences and friendship everywhere we went and with everyone that we have met with. Do you believe that we had 16 sessions at the Mansfield Center with 13 lecturers?…I just count them now. And our last session today is on Marketing and Branding for Nonprofit organizations by Ms. Spider MaKnight, the owner of Six Pony Hitch. I must say that I never though about marketing my work before; we are NGO not a commercial company. Until Spider explained the importance and how it can influence your donors…it’s interesting now right :)? But, what is branding for us? If you are good enough on what you are doing, just identify it as your brand “You cannot do marketing your organization if you don’t first have your branding” So have you branded yourself?

Our lives will be changed to another step and new experience to go…guess what we will be doing during our final week in the USA? We will be meeting with President Obama in person on 1st Jun with 75 fellows at the White House…and we will have an opportunity to question him! Other better experience more than that?

Let’s prepare ourselves for early flight to DC tomorrow: knowledge packed, contacts packed, experiences packed but baggage…over packed…we are working hard now on that. Last photos posting (sorry if I have so many and some might be re-posted).

Finally, bye bye Missoula, Montana, THANKS YOU TO YSEALI and let’s get ready to rumble!!!


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