By Kassirin Phiboon, THAILAND

My time in Missoula, Montana is very meaningful with friendly people who live here, beautiful nature surrounding me and our friendship among fellows of this program that sharing their experiences in many issues when they work with community that’s interesting for me to learn from them.

My fellowship organization here is Community food and agriculture coalition (CFAC) that I learn and get some ideas to improve my work about a sustainable agriculture system and organic market system. Beside of this issue, I also learn from other NGOs who work on many issues for Missoula community; environment, women empowerment, health, education etc. and big thank you to Ms.Bonnie Buckingham, MSM, Executive Director of CFAC and Ms.Annie Hescher, MS/MCRP, Program Director of CFAC for arrange a nice schedule and take us to explore many places for learning, sharing and practicing with people/organization who work for their community that I gain a lot of experience and inspire me to continue work with community.

Experience will not happen if we close our mind to learn the new thing.

Thank you YSEALI program!!


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