We are the Champions

SI THU LIN a.k.a Freddy From Myanmar

It was happen in last three day ago. When we heard that news, we cannot believe our self and feeling proud for us. That is good news and brings by Ms. Kelsey Stamm .
At that time, we just arrived to Helena, the capital city of Montana and after discussion about NGO Management with Ms. Liz Moore from Montana Nonprofit Association at Carroll College.

“Mr. President Barack Obama will be meet with all YESALI Professional Fellows of Spring 2015 at White House in coming 1st June.”

Suddenly, every one of our Pro fellow had being enjoy and spreading out with our joyfulness. Of course , We are exciting , we have to meet with Mr. President and if luckily we have a chance to ask some question and listen his speech. One more challenge is our Profellow activity Video Clip will be show when we meet Mr. President. So we are prepared for our video to be proudly show in White House , Washington D.C .

“Brainstorming for Theme “

As soon as we came back from Helena and arrived to our hotel, we just took a break and brainstorming about video making. “The Theme”.. Of course, our theme must be represent our program and should be cover our activities. We all 14 people were meet together in one of hotel room and discussed about our theme. Everyone are actively participated in discussed about theme. We did argue, we did reject and we did negotiate. After around 1 hour, we got final result that we agreed for theme.

“Preparation for Video Making”

One of part in video was, we will show what we are accomplished from this program. We all are came from different country with different issues. Everyone are focused on their interested issues and works for what they believed in. Sure, we will do what we believe to Positive change for our country. We all have a dream to change. So that we got an idea to show what is our challenges ( dreams ) that we want to accomplish by writing on Paper chart and show as a part of our video. Hopefully Mr. President would be get our message that we want to give. ( Wish you can watch our great video after Mr. President 😀 )

“We are the Champions”

While we are shooting for our video clip, I thought that we all are great social change maker with good mind and soul. Because I can see their effort, their actively participation , their enthusiasm and their power. Yes! We move forward, we are supportive and we are Young South East Asia Leaders. Definitely, we are the champions .


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